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3 to 5 Month Instalment Loans, from £300 to £1000!

I'd like to borrow
I'll repay inover
14 days
on the
  • Feb 99th 9999 £999.99
Borrowing £400 for 3 Months
Interest Rate 292% pa (fixed)
Interest £152.48
Three Repayments of 139.16
Total Repayable £417.48
Minimum 1255%APR
Maximum 1698.1%APR
To repay in full byTo repay in full by:

This is a bank holiday, are you sure you can repay on this date?


Representative 1270%APR

Representative Example

Amount of credit £250 for 3 months
Total amount payable £379.44 (3 Months)
Interest rate 292.25% (fixed)
Interest £129.44
Representative Example as at 27/06/2017

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Maximum APR of 1698.1%. Given a Representative APR is 1272%, if you borrow £250 over 3 months at 292.25% p.a. (fixed) your first repayment will be £126.48 followed by £126.48 and £126.48 the following month. You will repay £379.44 in total, there are no additional fees.


Please be aware that you will be redirected to our partner website Piggy-Bank.co.uk to complete your loan application. This is due to us needing to ensure that you are credit worthy and affordable for your over 90 day short term loan.

Loan Term

Please be aware that the minimum repayment term for a PiggyBank instalment loan is 90 days. This can be split into two monthly payments or even spread weekly to suit your needs.

Loan Repayment

You agree to repay us the amount payable on the agreed repayment dates. We will collect these payments by debiting the debit card you have registered with us at anytime on the agreed repayment dates. Failure to repay your loan in full on the agreed date will incur a:

  • £15 missed payment fee

Continuous failure to repay your loan will result in:

  • Daily application of interest against the outstanding balance
  • Possible legal action

During the time your loan is in arrears our collections team will make every effort to contact you to discuss your loan and they will do their best to offer a solution and come to an arrangement which suits your financial circumstances and is affordable.

Failure to Pay

If you don't communicate with us and we can't recover the money over a reasonable period of time, your account will be passed to our Recoveries Team. Failure to repay a loan may also mean that Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) will record the outstanding debt. This information may be supplied to other organisations by CRAs and Fraud Protection Agencies (FPAs). Records may remain on file for six years after they are closed, whether settled by you or defaulted.

Defaulting on your loan will negatively impact your credit rating!

Loan Deferral

An option to defer your loan repayment may be available. To be eligible for a loan deferral you will have to undertake an affordability check to ensure that PiggyBank is being responsible in its lending. You should be aware that if you are approved, you will have to:

  • Clear the interest on your initial loan and
  • Sign a new loan agreement

Your repayment date will then be changed and interest will continue to be charged at the standard 1270% APR representative rate. Each loan deferral is considered on an individual basis.

Collections Process

If you’re having problems making a payment please contact us directly so that we can discuss your payment options. We are here to help and will make every effort to reach a solution with you.

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